Unlock Your Campus Life: FAQs About ZotKey

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How Can I Load My Meal Pass?
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Meal passes, and all passes, can be loaded to your digital wallet. To do so, log into https://myphotoid.uci.edu/ . Click to Mobile ID Display. Click on what pass you would like to add to your wallet.

You can also watch our How To video https://www.loom.com/share/efad88bffa6d4a588a4a3b1053c49098?sid=f1aafb12-6d8a-4a0d-8734-2b913fe08fef

How Do I Get My ID?
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You must first have an approved photo. Please view instructions under the Before Uploading Your Photo section. Photos are no longer taken in person.

After your photo is approved, you can access your Digital ID with the Atrium Campus Connect app or on the UCI Connect website.


Apple iOS Store

Google Play Store

If you do not have a smartphone with a data plan, or are staff / faculty, please contact CardServices@uci.edu

What Can I Use My Student Digital ID For?
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Your digital ID functions just like a physical UCI ID. Use it for:

  • The library
  • Access to UCI events
  • ID verification in exams

Or purchase a meal plan or Zot Bucks and use it for purchases at:

  • The dining halls and UCI retail locations
  • The Hill
  • WEPA printing kiosks
  • Grubhub and Starship

How Do I Upload a Photo for My ID
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Review photo submissions guidelines at the Before Uploading your Photo section. Submissions that do not follow guidelines will be rejected.

Once you review guidelines you can submit directly at https://uciconnect.atriumcampus.com/

  1. Login with your UCI Net ID
  2. Choose Upload Your Photo

Have the iOS app? You can now upload your government ID and photo from your Apple phone!

  1. Login to app
  2. Go to Settings (bottom right)
  3. Select More
  4. Select Photo Upload

What ID Can Faculty / Staff Have?
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Currently Faculty / Staff can only have a physical ID. If you previously had a digital ID, please email CardServices@uci.edu to have a physical ID printed for you. We will be re-releasing the digital ID for you in the future, but do not have a date at this time.

I Get an Error When Trying to Submit a Photo
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Below are solutions that will fix most errors that people encounter.

  1. Sign into https://uciconnect.atriumcampus.com/ by clicking Account Login on the top left corner. You will need to login and verify with DUO.
  2. Check the size and file type of your image. All images must be JPG or JPEG. Government IDs can be no larger than 5MB. Your UCI photo must be at least 300 x 400 pizels and no larger than 1500 x 2000 pixels.
Can I Have a Digital and Physical ID?
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New Students (starting affter 6/23): You will only have access to a digital ID

Continuing Students: You will have access to both your physical and digital ID. If you lose your physical ID, you can your digital ID or pay for a replacement physical ID by contacting CardServices@uci.edu

Staff / Faculty: As of 10/11/23 you may only have a physical ID.

If you do not have a smartphone you will need to contact CardServices@uci.edu .

Where on Campus Can I use My ID Card?
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Your UCI ID can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. UCI Dining - Connect it to your Meal Plan or Zot Bucks and just scan to eat! Available to use at on campus Dining Halls, Starbucks, Cafes, Convenience Stores, Food Courts etc.
  2. The Hill Bookstore - Purchase textbooks and school merchandise
  3. Test Taking - You will need your ID in order to take tests in the classroom
  4. Discounts - Use anywhere student discounts are given! Check a short list of UCI participants
  5. Identity Verification - Use to verify your identity on and off campus

How Long Will it Take to Get My ID?
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Digital ID’s are instant after photo approval!

Staff / Faculty IDs are available within one week of photo approval.

My Digital ID Has a Cancel Symbol On It
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This means that you do not have an approved photo and your ID is not valid. To submit a photo for approval, please see the Before Uploading Your Photo section.

How Long Do Photo Approvals Take?
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Your photo will be approved or denied 24-48 hours after submitting (not including weekends and holidays). You will receive an automated email whether it has been approved or denied. In order to make sure your photo is not denied please watch the submission video and review guidelines.

Is There a Charge for Replacements of Physical IDs?
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There is a replacement fee of $20 for a physical ID. If you were previously denied a replacement ID, you may now purchase one by contacting cardservices@uci.edu .

How Do I Load Money Onto My Digital ID?
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You can load Zot Bucks, Flex Dine, or Meal Plan funds all on your Atrium Connect Profile. For individual how-to’s please click the link(s) below:

  • Meal Plan - Gives you access to both of our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls, Brandywine and The Anteatery.
  • FlexDine - Use at any of our cafes, restaurants and convenience stores across campus.( *Excluding Café Espresso and the University Club*) Also use with your Grubhub app when purchasing from the above places!
  • Zot Bucks - Used for purchases at the Hill, dining locations, and convenience stores

Can I Add the Digital ID to the Wallet?
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You currently cannot download the digital ID to the wallet. You can download event passes to the wallet. Please know that these are different and you must still have an approved ID photo in order to use them.

Does the Money I Add Onto My Student ID Expire?
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There are different funds that can be loaded to your UCI ID

  • Zot Bucks - Zot Bucks do not expire and are non refundable until you graduate or leave UCI.
  • Meal Plan: All Anteater plans (excluding the 7-Day All Access and Housing Meal Plan) carry over between quarters, but do expire. Please check Dining Meal Plan FAQs for more information.
My Country Doesn't Allow the Download of the Atrium App
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Some countries block this app. If you cannot access the Atrium app, and are a student, you can view your ID online at https://uciconnect.atriumcampus.com/ . You must first login to your account on the left.

If you prefer the app you can try these solutions. If you are still unsuccessful, please contact cardservices@uci.edu

For Android users: See this helpful article. If you need to download a VPN, you may use UCI's approved VPN

For Apple / iOS users:

1. Create a 2nd Apple ID to download the app. Choose "None" for the payment method, or give a U.S. addressed base credit card. Visa gift cards work as well.

2. Change your phone's region and download the app. Please know that you cannot have any Apple subscriptions or gift card balances.


  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap your name, then tap Media & Purchases.
  • Tap View Account. You might be asked to sign in.
  • Tap Country/Region.
  • Tap Change Country or Region.
  • Tap your new country or region, then review theTerms & Conditions.
  • Tap Agree in the upper-right corner, then tap Agree again to confirm.If you are still having issues, please contact cardservices@uci.edu

If I Already Have a Physical ID Card, Do I Need a Digital ID?
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If you are Staff/Faculty you may only have a physical ID. Students who were previously given a physical ID may use that or their digital ID. Your digital ID works like a physical ID card, but you don’t have to worry about misplacing it!

Can I Change How My Name is Displayed on My ID?
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IDs display your first and last prefferred names given to us by the Registrar. If you’d like to change the name on your ID, please visit the Registrar to update it. Digital IDs should update within 24 hours after the Registrar is updated. If you need a new physical ID please contact CardServices@uci.edu

What Qualifies as a Supporting Document for Photo Uploads?
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Supporting documents must include a recent photo of yourself and your full legal name.
Any of the following pieces of government-issued identification are acceptable:

  • Passport photo page / Passport Card
  • Driver's License
  • State issued identification card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Trusted Traveler Card
  • US Armed Services identification cards
  • Student ID

Does the Digital ID Work for Metrolink and OCTA?
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Your digital ID is valid to show with your Student Adventure Pass for Metrolink.

You may purchase a University Pass for OCTA by logging in with your UCI Net ID.

Is the ZotKey Considered an Official University ID?
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Yes. The ZotKey is an official UCI ID and must be accepted for identification across campus.

Can I Collect Physical Cards and Check Digital IDs Separately?
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No. For security purposes, mass collecting student IDs is not allowed. Do not have students pass down IDs to the front row to check them. There are new devices that allow people to easily copy ID cards. This is one of the reasons we went digital.

Can I Accept Digital IDs as Identification for Exams?
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Yes! Digital IDs must be accepted as they are a valid UCI ID. If you do not want students to have their phones / digital IDs out when test taking, please verify them before  before the exam starts or when they hand in their test.

What Scanner is Recommended to Read IDs?
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This is the only scanner we are recommending at this time.